Mocking tool for Eve APIs

EveMocker is a mocking tool for Eve powered REST API, based on the excellent HTTPretty, and aimed to be used in your unit tests, when you rely on an Eve API. It mimics the behavior of an Eve API in a controlled way. Why would you want to mock Eve when writing unit tests?

  • Your test suite will run faster.
  • You don't need to bundle an Eve app exclusively for testing purposes (you can spend more time on the actual task).
  • You don't need to worry about having a real Eve server running when running the test cases.

Let's say you want to test the following class stored in that need to call an Eve powered REST API:

from urlparse import urljoin
from functools import partial
import requests

API_URL = ""

class RemoteItems(object):
    def __init__(self, api_url=API_URL):
        self.api_url = api_url
        self.endpoint_url = partial(urljoin, self.api_url)

    def get_latest(self):
        r = requests.get(self.endpoint_url("items"))
        return r.json().get("_items", [])

Here is how you can do it with Eve-Mocker:

from eve_mocker import EveMocker
import unittest
from remote_items import RemoteItems, API_URL

class TestRemoteItems(unittest.TestCase):
    def testGetLatestItems(self):
        items = [{"_id": "fakeid", "content": "my content"},
                 {"_id": "fakeid2", "content": "another_content"}]
        with EveMocker(API_URL) as eve_mocker:
            # We feed EveMocker DB with some items
            eve_mocker.set_resource("items", items)

            remote_items = RemoteItems()
            latest_items = remote_items.get_latest()

            self.assertEqual(sorted(latest_items), sorted(items))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Check out the repository on GitHub.