Eve 0.3 Released

As with every new release there are a lot of new things coming with 0.3.

  • File Storage. Images, pdf, etc. can now be uploaded as media fields. Upload is done via POST, PUT and PATCH as usual, but using the multipart/data-form content-type. Files are returned as Base64 encoded strings. For optmized performance files are stored in GridFS by default. Custom MediaStorage classes can be implemented and passed to the application to support alternative storage systems. See File Storage.
  • Validation Format. Validation errors are now reported as a dictionary where offending fields are keys and issues are values. This should allow for easier parsing of validation errors easier. See my rambling on the mailing list if you want to know more about the reasons behind this breaking change.
  • Improved metatags consistency. Standard API tags have been renamed across the board so they are all consistent and easily recognisable (now they all start with an underscore: _etag, _status, _issues, etc.) Find the complete list on the Configuration page.
  • XML/JSON opt-outs. You can easily disable either JSON or XML support if so you wish.
  • Enhanced projections. Field exclusion (?projection={"fieldname": 0}) now supported in client projections.
  • Number data type. The number data type allows you to define a field which accepts both integers and floats.
  • and more. Just check the changelog.

Special thanks to Josh Villbrandt, Jaroslav Semančík, John Deng, David Buchmann, Hannes Tiede who contributed to this update.

As always, get Eve 0.3 while it's hot.