Eve 0.2 released

This release marks the introduction of several new features along with a few changes and fixes.

  • Sub-Resources!
  • Unique identifier fields can now be of arbitrary types, not only ObjectIds. See the brand new Custom IDs Tutorial.
  • It is now possible to completely disable support for the If-Match header (use at your own risk).
  • New pre_<method> event hooks are available. They are raised when a request is received and before it is processed. See the updated Event Hooks section.
  • Lots of new customization options. See Configuration.
  • Default embedded documents can now be defined at any endpoint.
  • Default sorting can be defined at any resource endpoint.
  • Settings can be also passed as a python dictionary.
  • Custom JSON encoders can now be used with the framework.

As always, see the changelog for details on all updates.

Thanks to the ever growing Eve community and especially to the contributors who helped with this patch: Petr JaĊĦek, Kelvin Hammond, dccrazyboy, Christoph Witzany, Stanislav Heller, Florian Rathberger.

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