1. Account Management and REST

    Thu 30 May 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    Lately I have been receiving a lot of enquiries on how to properly handle REST API authentication, so I wrote a couple of tutorials that will hopefully shread some light on the topic. They're filed under RESTful Account Management and cover both Basic and Token-Based Authentication scenarios.

    Besides the ...

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  2. Eve 0.0.6 Released

    Mon 13 May 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    The two main features introduced by this release are Event Hooks and Projections. Event hooks allow to subscribe to GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE requests with mutiple callbacks. Projections are conditional queries where the client dictates which fields should be returned by the API (when projections are omitted the whole document ...

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  3. Eve 0.0.8 Released

    Thu 25 July 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    Today release adds support for MongoDB write_concern, better pagination, new event hooks (allowing for transformation of documents before they are sent to clients), better CORS handling, validation for float data type and more (see changelog).

    Thanks to Daniele Pizzolli, Julien Barbot and Garrin Kimmell for contributing and to David Reese ...

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  4. Eve 0.1

    Mon 30 September 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    This release marks the passage from alpha to beta and introduces several features and enhancements. Also, someone was so kind to post about the Eve project on Reddit, which in turn granted us a post on Hacker News. This brought a lot of attention, resulting in a massive increase in ...

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  5. Eve 0.1.1

    Thu 31 October 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    Although this is a maintenance release it introduces a few important breaking changes to the API, so you may want to read the following notes carefully.

    New payload format

    item-id wrappers have been completely removed from POST/PATCH/PUT requests and responses. Requests for single document inserts are now performed ...

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  6. Eve 0.2 released

    Mon 02 December 2013 By Nicola Iarocci

    This release marks the introduction of several new features along with a few changes and fixes.

    • Sub-Resources!
    • Unique identifier fields can now be of arbitrary types, not only ObjectIds. See the brand new Custom IDs Tutorial.
    • It is now possible to completely disable support for the If-Match header (use at ...
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  7. Eve 0.3 Released

    Fri 14 February 2014 By Nicola Iarocci

    As with every new release there are a lot of new things coming with 0.3.

    • File Storage. Images, pdf, etc. can now be uploaded as media fields. Upload is done via POST, PUT and PATCH as usual, but using the multipart/data-form content-type. Files are returned as Base64 encoded ...
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  8. Eve 0.4 Released

    Wed 09 July 2014 By Nicola Iarocci

    Eve 0.4 has been released and it brings some very interesting changes and features. Let's briefly review some of them.

    Document Versioning

    Eve now supports automatic version control of documents. By default this setting is turned off, but it can be turned globally or configured individually for each ...

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  9. Eve at FOSDEM 2014

    Tue 11 February 2014 By Nicola Iarocci

    A few days ago I gave a Eve talk at FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels. The talk was given in a fully packed Python DevRoom, which granted for a lot of smart questions both in the final QA session and later during the day.

    I thought that you might find the ...

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